How to Update an Old Deck

Maybe you’re not looking to build a new deck. Maybe you already have a deck, and it’s just become faded and dingy over the years. With proper deck maintenance and refinishing, you can make it look as good as new!

Additionally, small touches can make a big difference in freshening up an old deck. If it needs a little something more, you can bring new life to it with a few additions. First, make sure you start with a clean surface, scrubbing away the dirt and grime, and applying a new stain if needed. Adding new railings to your deck can pack a big impact, as well as increase safety and privacy.

New deck furniture or built-in benches are always a good idea, providing function and form. And depending on your style, they can add a whole new feeling to your deck! Outdoor rugs and colorful seat cushions can make your deck feel cozy, like the indoors brought outdoors. A fire pit or some outdoor lighting creates ambiance and lets you enjoy your deck day and night!

Plants are a great, fairly inexpensive way to liven up your deck and yard, too. They can soften the contrast between your deck and the rest of the yard to create a more natural, cohesive look. You could add colorful flowerpots out, grow a small garden, or add some landscaping as a border around your deck.

Skylo Construction does more than build decks; we also refinish existing decks and install outdoor lighting! So whether you want a new deck or have an old deck in need of help, we’re here.

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Designing Your Dream Deck

Once you’ve decided to build a new deck, figuring out where to start can be a little overwhelming. While hiring a good deck builder who does quality work is crucial, good design comes even before good construction. In order to get the deck of your dreams, you need a design that meets your needs and vision, while sticking to your budget.

To get an idea of what you like, look around at other decks and make notes of what you like and don’t like. You’ll probably find yourself gravitating towards certain styles or layouts. What is the style of your home and yard? You’ll want something that will go with the styles already present in your yard.

Then think about function. What purpose will your deck serve? This, along with your budget and yard size, will affect your deck design the most. Do you want a large, elaborate deck to have parties and backyard barbecues on? Or just want a simple platform deck to relax on?

You’ll also have to consider the physical and financial constraints when creating a deck design. How big is your yard? Do you want your deck to take up most of the space, or keep it contained to close to your home? Is your yard level or sloping? How high off the ground should it stand? Would you prefer a multi-platform deck with stairs in between, or a simple, one-level platform?

Figuring out all of this will help make sure you find a deck design you love and can enjoy for years to come. And Skylo Construction is happy to help every step of the way.

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