How to Update an Old Deck

Maybe you’re not looking to build a new deck. Maybe you already have a deck, and it’s just become faded and dingy over the years. With proper deck maintenance and refinishing, you can make it look as good as new!

Additionally, small touches can make a big difference in freshening up an old deck. If it needs a little something more, you can bring new life to it with a few additions. First, make sure you start with a clean surface, scrubbing away the dirt and grime, and applying a new stain if needed. Adding new railings to your deck can pack a big impact, as well as increase safety and privacy.

New deck furniture or built-in benches are always a good idea, providing function and form. And depending on your style, they can add a whole new feeling to your deck! Outdoor rugs and colorful seat cushions can make your deck feel cozy, like the indoors brought outdoors. A fire pit or some outdoor lighting creates ambiance and lets you enjoy your deck day and night!

Plants are a great, fairly inexpensive way to liven up your deck and yard, too. They can soften the contrast between your deck and the rest of the yard to create a more natural, cohesive look. You could add colorful flowerpots out, grow a small garden, or add some landscaping as a border around your deck.

Skylo Construction does more than build decks; we also refinish existing decks and install outdoor lighting! So whether you want a new deck or have an old deck in need of help, we’re here.

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